Rachelboisvert.ca WordPress artist website

Project Description

WordPress web design services for artist and individuals in Singapore

We redesign a old static website and make it look good and easy to use for the client and his users. The customer know what she want. We listen to her story and we help her to have a functional new website. We include all the latest features to help her become a new online SMB. and of course we teach her everything she need to be autonomous and curious about running an artist e-commerce website.
you want to push your passion, your product or your services online and be a self made artist entrepreneur. We will be happy to guide you and teach you how to succeed. You dont need to be rich we have honest rates and we run our business like a family. Dont be shy make an enquiry now or just say hello to us with your thought or project we can build something wonderful together.

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Project Details

  • CMS
  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive
  • WordPress
  • Woocomerce