Used car sale listing WordPress website services – Singapore and worldwide

Project Description

As Singapore professional small business website builder will be asked to craft a brand new functional and eye catching website for a pre loved car dealer base in Canada. We talk with the owner and make sure we understand what he want to achieve with his project. We really like this challenge and we build one of the best sites in our portfolio so far. We go basic bold and to the point. The owner wants people to see the cars be seduced and ask inquiries about it. Finally, he wants to sell the car fast and with less friction without hassle. Sure, we craft a good looking website, but we make sure it contains the best website features and technologies possible.

The project is built on WordPress and included: a responsive and very appealing design, a very graphic catalog of cars and services with many ways to send inquiries about the items, a chat system, a search engine with filters, a newsletter SignUp a good search engine optimisation and many more… What you waiting for contact us now! we can make it better!

Project Details

  • CMS
  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive
  • WordPress
  • SEO