web design solutions for accounting service providers Singapore

Project Description

Every business can benefit from a great presence on the internet. Sure, social media a quite simple to use and can have a great impact on business global visibility. Since the yellow page and phone directory are fading in popularity, its important to be found online. Have a great presence on social media is essential, but to have is own domain and address is the key for having the control and authority over your services and products. The term and conditions of other media or network can change at any time, but when you got, also your own place you are sure then you will still be relevant and fix your own rules.

we build a simple one page corporate website for an accounting service base in Canada. We do website with a great call to action, listing of services, search engine optimisation and enquiry form. We start small and we plan to add more page and content in the near future to bring more traffic and awareness. I bet we will have a great result and we will go for a bigger website. What you waiting for contact us now! we can start small and grow bigger with the results!

Project Details

  • One page website
  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive
  • WordPress
  • SEO