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Greetings in the New Era: Revamped, your go-to children’s costume store in Singapore, has undergone a makeover!

We revamped their website to keep up with the fast-paced year 2023, giving users an even more streamlined and enjoyable buying experience. Since its launch in 2019, the store we developed gaining popularity and produced exceptional results.

We have transitioned from DIVI to Elementor, heavily emphasising speed and conversion optimisation.

Absolute Costumez
Our Task
  • Web design
  • SEO
  • WordPress Maintenance

The Rezult Variation: Features Galore

To improve the user purchasing experience, we’ve carefully selected several intriguing new features. We aimed to replicate Shopify’s top features using the WordPress/WooCommerce platform.

Soon, we’ll be integrating an AI-powered ChatGPT bot to answer recurring questions, providing real-time assistance to make your shopping experience smoother.

A Sprinkle of Fun: Lottie Animations and SVG Images

Without a little fun, what good is a costume shop? We’ve added simple Lottie animations and SVG pictures to our store to give it a lively feel. We also use our review sales alerts as social proof to provide user peace of mind while purchasing.

Design Result

At Rezult, we believe in continuous growth and evolution. As ecommerce enablers, our goal with this revamp was to amplify user experience on the site, increase conversion and make shine as it should.

Ecommerce Enablers - Custom Ecommerce Website Design in Singapore
Ecommerce Enablers - Custom Ecommerce Website Design in Singapore

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