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Crafting a Delightful Digital Experience for Artisan Teh Tarik

Restaurant web design agency building websites for food & beverage brands. Case study on creating an engaging online presence for Artisan Teh Tarik’s food business.
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Case Study: isn't your average Teh Tarik shop in Singapore.

Renowned for its refreshing array of beverages and certified Halal snacks, they are a cherished name in the local food and beverage scene. The challenge was creating a food and beverage web design for them that would embody their essence and extend their reach. We proudly stepped into this journey, tailoring an exceptional, mobile-first hybrid eCommerce platform for them.

Mr Feroz
Our Task
  • Web design
  • SEO
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • Graphic Design

Artisan Teh Tarik's story weaves through over 70 years of tea-making traditions, originating from Uttar Pradesh in India.

 As the third generation of Sarbat tea makers in Singapore, they sold tea from sampans (boats), roadside stalls, and construction sites, even before World War II. Their delectable Teh Tarik has mesmerized customers across generations, a legacy they wanted to enrich further with their digital presence.

The project began in early 2023, focusing on WordPress website design under categories like Web Design, eCommerce, CSS, Social Marketing, SEO, and Security.

Deliciously Digital:
Our approach was to design an enticing mobile shopping experience, almost like a mobile app but without popular app stores’ restrictive rules and hefty costs. We wanted to keep it simple yet appealing, easily navigable and well-integrated with social networks.

For the first time, we integrated a local QR code direct payment option at the checkout called PayNow. This game-changer enhanced the shopping experience and made it more user-friendly.

A key component of our food and beverage web design strategy was implementing top-notch SEO. We did this through Google Webmaster and Analytics, a solid keyword selection, and plugins like Yoast SEO, Monster Insight, and sale conversion tracking.

We also set up a mailing list signup connected to the MailChimp newsletters ecosystem for effective customer communication. We also ensured robust security through Wordfence and Cloudflare firewalls, guaranteeing their customers a secure and enjoyable shopping experience.

Design Result

At Rezult, we believe in continuous growth and evolution. As a restaurant web design agency, our goal with this new website was to amplify user experience on the site, increase conversion and make shine as it should.

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