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We take the challenge of a Website redesign 2022, an outdated WordPress WooCommerce website. is a successful Singapore corporate gift website with good user traffic. These users are coming from their 2000+ product SEO enhanced search engine result.

The website needed to be entirely rebuilt and modernized in 2022 standard. The client created the old website in 2017 on WordPress 4.8.19 and WooCommerce 3.1.2. Furthermore, the website had never been appropriately updated and upgraded to meet current standards.


May, 2022
WordPress website


Web Design
Mega Menu


The project was tedious since we can’t upgrade WordPress and Woocommerce directly. Besides that, many modules were incompatible with the new WordPress version. 

In addition, the client was proud of his SEO work and successful result, in other words he wanted us not to lose any precious rank and traffic. Likewise, in his eyes, every link from a search engine that did not reach the website was some sales and income loss. So we were under pressure, but we managed with a lot of work and patience to get it done as intended.

The process includes:

    • We export more than 2000 WooCommerce products with images and descriptions. Ensuring SEO settings are in line with the old website.
    • We Overcome the fact that Yoast SEO, a popular SEO plugin for WordPress, doesn’t have any way to export the database data content but only the settings and parameters.
    • We respect the permalink and URL slug of all pages and products as closely as possible.
    • Likewise, we offer all the options of an eCommerce website without showing the price, but handle all client information.
    • We migrate the new websites on the client web hosting. It was more challenging than expected. It was not optimized for this new WordPress and ran an outdated PHP version.
    • The server hard drives were running out of space. We back up everything meaningful into project archives.
    • We compress and optimize the image to serve in the new generation .wepp format. Not only that, but we reduce the original 3 GB of pictures to 400 MB. We also use cache and a CDN to boost the page loading performance.
    • We overcome the benefit and limitations of using the Elementor page editor and framework. Elementor is comparable to Microsoft Windows because he got many options and plugins that work with, but also got a lot of weird bugs to catch and solve.
    • We add a mega menu on the desktop and ensure all works as intended on all devices.
    • We add an autocomplete search function and ensure all the product categories are well integrated and follow the same structure as the original.
    • For ending all, we test and confirm the new system is stable, loads fast, and will be well maintained and backed up.
    • We Adapt, progress, and solve all hurdles and requests from customers, limitations, and compatibility of the old and new systems.
    • We reach out and explain to the client why things are made like that and how we solve the problems and avoid them in the future. Make sure clients can update the system on their own.
    • We keep calm and positive and focus on the result for our website redesign 2022.
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