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Case Study: Revamping for Faster Speeds & Higher Conversions

Sea Friends had initially built their website on Pixieset, a photography platform unfit to meet their needs. It was plaguing their site with slow speeds and subpar SEO optimization.
The Challenge:
Pixieset’s templated architecture was inflexible and created bottlenecks for customization. It also hampered page load times and user experience, negatively impacting conversions.
Andrew C.
Our Task
  • Web design / Revamp
  • SEO
  • Optimize Speed
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • Digital marketing

Welcome on board a Navigating the Digital Transformation Journey

We migrated to WordPress, rebuilding it from the ground up using Elementor. This provided limitless flexibility for optimization. We enhanced site speed by 2x, revamped SEO, and added analytics.

The Results:

In the first month itself, page views doubled and booking form conversions increased 30%. SEO rankings also improved for key yacht charter keywords.


“I’m thrilled with the transformation. Rezult resolved the limitations of Pixieset and supercharged our online presence beyond expectations.”
– Andrew C., Director.


The Outcome:

With its new WordPress foundation, loads faster, converts better, and is primed for digital marketing success.

Ongoing Success Through Digital Marketing

After rebuilding their website foundation, Sea Friends partnered with Rezult for ongoing digital marketing support. We collaborate monthly to execute social media, SEO, PPC, and email campaigns aimed at driving qualified traffic and leads.

This recurring engagement ensures Sea Friends has the tools and guidance needed to continually improve results and adapt to changes in the digital landscape.

Design Result

At Rezult, we believe in continuous growth and evolution. Our goal with this new website was to amplify user experience on the site, increase conversion and make shine as it should.

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