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We’ve transformed as an interior design website builder 2022 for a brand-new Singapore interior decor. is an interior design new studio started by 2 young, successful senior designers. They come to us to help them put their new service and brand on the internet.

We use the branding package from their designer and listen to their comments, and we build a nice simple luxurious portfolio website. Since the website and the domain name is young, we will help them gain visibility and authority to appear faster than we can on Google search result.


May, 2022
WordPress website


Web Design
Brand new venture

interior design website builder 2022

The project was quite straightforward, but since the studio is new, many things were not completely decided or ready for production. We go with our gut and the previous wireframes they got from a formal designer.

We use WordPress Elementor to build a first model from the screenshot we got and apply the official branding kit and guidelines to the mix. The client comes to see the prototype in a private network, make a list of the amendment, and proceed with all changes. Once all was ready to be published, and the client gave us the approval, we opened the website to google and the public.

The process includes:

  • We work in progress by creating the prototype using WordPress and Elementor. We apply the style and branding according to the brand kit and get inspired by unfinished previous designer work.
  • We create all the email handles and mail domain records needed for all their team and company.
  • We prepare and advise on all the best SEO basic page requirements and their best parameters.
  • We compress and optimize the image to serve in the new generation .wepp format. Use cache and a CDN to boost the page loading performance.
  • We prepare to be responsive to client needs; if something needs to be changed or updated, we will be quick to help.
  • We ensure that all the form inquiry is sent quickly to the client and all the records are kept in the database.
  • We keep calm and positive and focus on the result for delivering this interior design website builder 2022.

Why use an Interior design website?

In this digital age, whatever your industry is, having a solid online presence is a significant selling point. If your business is focused on aesthetics and online presence, it is even more crucial to communicate your style and attract new customers.

Interior design is one field that has a portfolio gallery, and samples online are a must. Interior design websites are now the primary source of information to reach an even wider audience and create greater interest and visibility. A visually appealing presentation of your ideas is another benefit of having an Interior Design website.

Most serious home decor buyers who are looking to refresh their living space start searching for new ones on the internet.

Get an awesome-looking website with:

  • a Portfolio
  • Blog Content
  • Gallery
  • Email opt-in
  • contact page
  • a good set of local SEO keywords.

So basically, we ensure the website shows all the client products at their best, bringing all the value and options that the designer has to offer. With a good SEO and page conversion, we capture all leads of potential customers to be handled by the sales department.

Need some advice or more information on our web design package or SEO offer, visit their dedicated page: Web design / Search Engine Optimisation

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