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TriXStudio, a Singapore-based interior design firm, wanted to carve out a place online.

With immense joy, we partnered with them to illuminate their creative vision on a dynamic digital canvas.

At TriXStudio, it’s all about meticulous detailing. Their spaces are an elegant marriage of functionality and style. Their journey began with a dedicated team and a dream, and our mission was to translate that into an exclusive and luxurious online portfolio.

Fusing their unique branding with our insights, we carved a sleek, minimalist portfolio website that was a true reflection of TriXStudio’s ethos. Given that it was a new domain, we knew the website needed a springboard to gain visibility. We brought out our best SEO strategies to propel their digital presence into the Google search spotlight.

TrixStudio Team
Our Task
  • Web design
  • SEO
  • WordPress Maintenance

The project was an engaging puzzle

Many elements of the studio were still budding. Guided by intuition and the studio’s preliminary wireframes, we set off on an adventure to design a website that showcased TriXStudio’s distinct aesthetic.
Our secret ingredient? WordPress Elementor.
We used this tool to sculpt a prototype from our available screenshots, amalgamating it with their official branding. And just like that, their website began taking shape. Upon receiving the client’s green light, we presented this newly minted gem to Google and the world.

But our journey with TriXStudio didn’t end there. We stood by their side, ready to evolve and update according to their needs. Fueled by positivity and a results-driven approach, we were committed to delivering a trailblazing website for this 2022 interior design firm.

Design Result

At Rezult, we believe in continuous growth and evolution. As specialists in home interior design websites, our goal with this revamp was to amplify user experience on the site, increase conversion and make TriXStudio.sg shine as it should.

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