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Case Study: Revamping School Website Design for a Singapore-Based Educational Service Provider

At, we’re passionate about transforming traditional educational environments into vibrant, digital arenas. For Absolute Minds, a leader in children’s educational enrichment, our challenge was to revitalize their online presence. Their original site, based on outdated technology, didn’t reflect their innovative approach to learning.
Absolute Minds was operating on an old WordPress framework that was not optimized for current web standards, affecting both user experience and SEO performance. Their goal was to make their educational content more engaging and accessible while also enhancing their professional image.
Pearlyn & Moon
Our Task
  • Web design
  • SEO
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • Graphic Design

Custom Web Design for Enrichment Schools

We undertook a comprehensive redesign of the Absolute Minds website, shifting from a basic WordPress theme to a dynamic, colorful, and professional Elementor-based site. Our focus was on:

The Future is Bright
Post-launch, Absolute Minds experienced a significant boost in user engagement, with increased session times and a lower bounce rate. Feedback from users highlighted the ease of navigation and the appealing visual design, which together improved the overall user experience.
The transformation of Absolute Minds’ School Website Design not only enhanced their digital footprint but also solidified their position as a forward-thinking educational provider. This project showcases our commitment at to leveraging technology to enhance learning and engagement in the education sector

Design Result

.This case study demonstrates our approach to comprehensive digital strategy, tailored web design, and commitment to client vision, making a partner in digital innovation for educational services.

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