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Jdelisle-artiste, an art gallery website of Jean Delisle

Artist Website Design example – Portfolios for Painters & Creators
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Case study: an art gallery website of Jean Delisle wanted to establish his online presence.

We aimed to capture Delisle’s vibrant, rock-inspired aesthetic in an engaging bilingual website. Using WordPress and WooCommerce, we designed a dynamic portfolio reflecting his unique painting style and vision.

As an SEO specialist, I often need to teach, coach, and motivate clients to keep pushing their websites. The website is nothing without the passion and hard work required to make it vibrant, engaging and build a tribe of followers.

Successful SEO is an ongoing process that requires commitment from the client to create fresh content regularly, connect with customers on social media, and stay on top of the latest trends.

My goal is always to partner with clients to help them understand that a website launch is just the beginning – it takes consistent effort to drive traffic, engagement, and sales over the long term. SEO success is never “one and done” – it needs nourishment to reach its full potential.

Client J Delisle
Our Task
  • Web design
  • SEO
  • Ecommerce
  • Coaching / Motivate
  • WordPress Maintenance

A long journey of passion and dedication to succeed as an artist

The project was an exciting challenge. Guided by their vision and preliminary wireframes, we created a prototype, blending their branding with our web design expertise.

Our secret ingredient? WordPress and WooCommerce.
Using these tools, their website began taking shape.Once we had the green light, we launched this polished bilingual website focused on Delisle’s paintings and prints.

The website launch was just the start. We remain committed to evolving the site alongside Jdelisle-artiste as their unique brand story continues to unfold.

Since getting his new website, Johnny has become more active on social media, sharing his artistic journey.

This increased engagement has helped him sell more paintings at a faster rate and build a strong following.

He used to feel down before the site reboot, but now Johnny’s career is really taking off! He’s gained momentum and kept that energy going – posting consistently, connecting with fans, and proudly showcasing his vibrant rock-inspired style.

It’s been awesome to see the website ignition spark this renewed passion and productivity from Johnny. He proves that consistent effort breeds success.

Keep on growing, Johnny! The sky’s the limit when you integrate your site with social media and share your world.

Go Johnny go!

Design Result

Rezult believes in continuous growth and evolution. As an artist website design company, with this makeover, we aimed to improve user experience, increase conversion and make shine as brightly as possible.

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